Lugo focuses on pre-campaign as Besteiro mocks PSOE’s plans before PP


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The province of Lugo in Galicia, Spain has been the center of political events as candidates for the Presidency of the Xunta gear up for the upcoming elections. The socialist general secretary, Pedro Sánchez, made his third visit to Galicia in a week to support the candidate for the Xunta in his home province. The Galician socialist demanded that the head of the list for the autonomous contest appear in Lugo, rather than the ‘traditional’ Atlantic locations.

Meanwhile, the president of the Xunta and popular candidate, Alfonso Rueda, presented his electoral program in Lugo, which includes 870 measures, with a focus on boosting public housing. The head of the BNG list for the Xunta, Ana Pontón, visited the Lugo food plaza to take a walk through the market and show her support for the local community.

The Sarriana living in Compostela, Ana Pontón, also defended Alcoa’s public intervention in A Mariña, a place chosen by Sumar’s candidate, Marta Lois, to make a ‘pre-election’ stop. Pedro Sánchez supported José Ramón Gómez Besteiro in his debut as a candidate for the Xunta, in an event with a focus on the head of the list. The socialist from Lugo defended that they were the first to schedule this event, before PPdeG.

In the same city, Rueda was accompanied by his closest friends, including several councilors from his government and the coordinator of the program, also responsible for Linguistic Policy, Valentín Garcia. Rueda experienced a “good atmosphere” in Lugo before going to a meal with militants in Ordes (A Coruña).

The political events in Lugo have set the stage for the upcoming elections in Galicia, with candidates from different parties making their presence known in the province. As the race to the polls heats up, the candidates are making efforts to connect with the local communities and gain support for their respective campaigns. The political landscape in Galicia is shaping up to be an interesting one, with various candidates vying for the position of President of the Xunta. The events in Lugo have provided a platform for the candidates to showcase their electoral programs and engage with the public, as they gear up for the official start of the race to the polls.

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