Lucero confronts ex Mijares and gives him a kiss


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Lucero and Manuel Mijares have been making headlines after their recent concerts in the US. Speculation about a possible reconciliation between the two singers has intensified, especially since Lucero returned to being single last year. During their concert at the Arizona Financial Theater in Phoenix on February 10, Lucero told Mijares, “You didn’t know how to value me.” This was followed by a playful exchange between them, with Lucero expressing her feelings about their past relationship. The next day, at their concert at the El Paso County Coliseum in Texas, Lucero surprised Mijares with a kiss on the cheek while they were performing ‘Amante bandido’.

Upon his return from the US, Manuel Mijares was approached by the media at the Mexico City Airport and asked about his reaction to the events with Lucero over the weekend. Mijares stated that their dynamic on stage, including moments like the kiss, is all part of the show. He clarified that they get along very well, but emphasized that they only have a good relationship and do not plan to resume their romance or marriage. Mijares also mentioned that they are usually working on Valentine’s Day, and that they share two children together: Lucerito (19 years old) and José Manuel (22).

Despite the public’s desire to see them together again as a couple, both Lucero and Mijares have made it clear that they are only reuniting professionally for their ‘Hasta que nos se hace’ tour. Lucero revealed that their audience often requests them to kiss during their performances, but they have always refused to do so. She also shared that they receive these requests when they make jokes or when Mijares sings certain songs that the audience enjoys.

The ‘Hasta que nos se hace’ tour has generated a lot of excitement among their fans, who have been sending them messages on social media, suggesting that they should get back together. Since their divorce in 2011, Lucero and Mijares have maintained a good relationship and even live in the same building in Mexico City to co-parent their children. Both of their children have participated in some of their presentations, showcasing their musical talents.

It’s worth noting that both Lucero and Mijares have their own partners. Lucero is in a relationship with businessman Michel Kuri, who has expressed that he is not jealous of the singer. Meanwhile, Mijares is dating businesswoman Pita de la Vega. Despite the rumors and speculation, it seems that Lucero and Mijares are content with their current relationship as friends and co-parents, and have no plans to rekindle their romantic relationship.

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