Love expert reveals 7 signs of being in love with your partner


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An expert in love relationships has identified signs that indicate someone is in love. According to a survey, 69% of Peruvians in relationships plan to celebrate the Day of Love and Friendship. This February 14th is a good time to determine if you are in love. Anthropologist Helen Fisher, a renowned expert in love relationships, has established the signs of falling in love.

Fisher has studied love for over three decades and has observed the biological bases of love. She has concluded that there is a universal behavior in men and women when they are in love. Love follows a pattern: it begins with lust, continues with attraction, and then becomes attachment.

One of the most intense experiences humans go through is falling in love. When someone is in love, they often think that no one else has felt what they feel. However, Fisher’s research has shown that the experience of falling in love is similar for everyone.

The signs of falling in love include feeling that the person you are in love with is very special to you and that everything revolves around them. You can’t stop thinking about that person, feel full of energy, and experience jealousy easily. You are desperate to see your partner again, cannot stand the distance, and may feel an uncontrollable obsession with your partner.

If any of these signs cause problems in the relationship, it is recommended to seek help from a mental health professional. Fisher has developed a theory that there are three phases of love: sexual desire, romantic attraction, and affection. Love can arise in any order, and Fisher has made significant contributions to understanding the evolutionary, biological, and psychological bases of human behavior in emotional contexts.

Helen Fisher, born in the United States in 1945, works as a professor and researcher at Rutgers University in New Jersey. She has explored a variety of topics related to human sexual and loving behavior, including monogamy, adultery, divorce, brain differences between men and women, the neurochemistry of romantic love, attachment, and biology-based personality patterns. She has also theorized about the concept of “slow love” as a future trend in relationships.

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