Los Angeles Mayor Addresses Preparations for Second Storm


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Los Angeles is bracing for a second storm in three days, with Mayor Karen Bass warning residents to prepare for heavy rain and potential flooding. The National Weather Service has issued a flood warning, with forecasts predicting between 3 and 6 inches of rain along the coasts and valleys of Southern California, and up to 12 inches in the mountains.

The city has made sandbags available at 106 fire stations for residents who may need them to protect their properties from flooding. Despite the impending storm, no changes are expected to impact operations at Los Angeles International Airport, LAX.

Earlier this week, heavy rains caused flooding on roads in Southern California, leading to lane reductions and road closures. In Long Beach, debris and garbage contributed to drainage issues, leaving some areas inoperative. In San Diego, where heavy rains caused significant damage two weeks ago, residents are preparing for the upcoming storm, with workers cleaning canals and making adjustments to prevent further damage.

In Los Angeles, flooded sections of the city became hazardous for drivers, with numerous incidents reported. The Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) in Santa Monica had to reduce lanes due to flooding, causing delays for commuters. In Bolsa Chica, a stretch of the PCH was flooded and covered with sand, while in San Diego, workers mobilized to prevent further damage from the impending storm.

Residents are urged to take necessary precautions and stay informed about the storm’s impact, as heavy rains are expected to continue through the weekend. The city is preparing for potential flooding and is making resources available to help residents protect their properties. Despite the challenges posed by the storm, residents are working to ensure their safety and minimize the impact of the severe weather.

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