Loret de Mola responds to AMLO: “I can explain my livelihood”


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Journalist Carlos Loret de Mola responded to President Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s criticisms against him on Friday. During his morning conference, AMLO called the journalist “corrupt” after he presented a report on the alleged influence peddling exercised by his son, Andrés López Beltrán, also known as “Andy”. However, AMLO did not deny any part of the investigation.

López Beltrán allegedly helped his friends obtain contracts in his father’s government. In response, Loret de Mola pointed out that, unlike López Beltrán, he can explain his livelihood due to his two decades working in the media.

The journalist also questioned how the president’s children lead a life of millionaires without working and accused AMLO of attacking him to prevent his alleged acts of corruption from being pointed out.

Loret de Mola stressed that he will continue to exercise freedom of expression, regardless of intimidation. The report denounces that López Beltrán is involved in obtaining a government contract for 300 million pesos. This was granted by the government of Quintana Roo to a company, whose headquarters is a flooring store, for the sale of medicines and medical supplies to the state Ministry of Health.

The report included a recording where the company’s director mentions a conversation with the Secretary of Finance of Quintana Roo about a contractual audit and a budget commitment of 500 million pesos for 2023. However, López Obrador minimized the evidence and even ruled out that the company is being reported for irregularities.

AMLO denied any wrongdoing, stating that there is no cronyism, influence, nepotism, or corruption in his case. He emphasized that this is why they are different and why they have not been able to prove any wrongdoing.

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