López Miras: “We will utilize all resources to prevent the amnesty law disgrace”


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Fernando López Miras, the president of the Popular Party of the Region of Murcia, has made a strong statement regarding the proposed amnesty law. He has declared that the party will use all available resources to prevent the ignominy of the amnesty law from being enacted. This announcement comes after his participation in a demonstration organized by the PP in Madrid, which saw a historic turnout of over 70,000 people in support of equality and against the proposed amnesty.

López Miras emphasized that there are many more Spaniards who believe in the principles of law, equality, justice, democracy, and the Constitution than those who support making agreements with fugitives from justice to erase the crimes of criminals. He highlighted the overwhelming support for the constitutionalist alternative represented by the Popular Party and President Alberto Núñez Feijóo.

The president of the PPRM expressed concern over the intentions of the current government, led by Pedro Sánchez, stating that the proposed amnesty law, drafted by a fugitive from justice, is set to be approved. He also raised alarm over reports that the government is considering granting amnesty for terrorism crimes, including those committed during the altercations in Catalonia.

López Miras condemned the potential erasure of crimes committed by individuals who endangered the lives of thousands of people, attacked law enforcement officers, and engaged in acts of terrorism. He characterized the government’s actions as a desperate attempt to maintain political power, describing the situation as dramatic and deserving of strong condemnation.

In response to these developments, the Popular Party is committed to using all available means to oppose the amnesty law and to defend democracy, the Constitution, and the freedom and equality of Spaniards. The party’s stance is supported by the millions of Spaniards who have expressed their indignation at the proposed amnesty and the government’s actions.

The demonstration in Madrid, which drew massive crowds in support of these principles, serves as a testament to the widespread opposition to the proposed amnesty law. López Miras reiterated the party’s determination to continue the fight against the amnesty law and to uphold the values of democracy, justice, and equality for all Spaniards.

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