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Look in your wallet: this is the 1 and 2 euro coins that circulate in Spain and are false

Coins are one of the objects that all people use every day, more or less depending on the case, since there are people who prefer to resort to payments and collections by transfer, Bizum, cards or other methods that avoid contact, especially after the covid pandemic. We tell you what are the fake euro coins that are circulating in Spain and that you should know so they don’t sneak it in, since you would be losing money… take note!

These are the fake Euro coins that you have to know how to detect

Las 1 and 2 euro coins They are the most used when it comes to currencies, and the truth is that their aesthetics are very similar to those of other countries that do not belong to the Eurozone, which makes them get confused and “sneak in” as if they were euros when actually they are not. The problem is that it is lower value coins than 1-2 euros, and unless you like to collect coins, you will not be happy to find one of these in your wallet:

  • two mexican pesos: It is practically the same as the two euro coin, but its value is less, since the change is only about 10 cents.
  • ten thai baht: also very similar to the two euro coin, but with drawings typical of its country of origin, this coin has a value of 27 cents.
  • a bulgarian lev: This coin is very similar to the one euro but with a value of 51 cents to change.
  • one Argentine peso: It is the one with the lowest value, almost equal to that of two euros but with a value of 0.005 cents. It is curious that the one peso coin is similar to the two euro coin, while the two peso coin is very similar to the one euro coin, but in this case with a value of one cent.
  • five moroccan dinhams: It looks like a two euro coin, but the reality is that it is a Moroccan coin that has an exchange value of 45 cents.
  • 500 italian lire: out of circulation since the arrival of the euro in Italy, it is said to be the coin that inspired the design of the two euro coin, so it is practically the same. The change would currently cost about 45 cents.
  • Five Dominican pesos: with an aesthetic very similar to the one euro coin, its value is 0.017 cents.
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