Lois increases supporter persuasion to “five,” rejects adding obstacle


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Marta Lois, the candidate for the Presidency of the Xunta from Sumar Galicia, is urging supporters to convince at least five people to vote for the party in order to bring about the change in government that they are seeking. She emphasized the importance of job training as a necessary step towards change, rather than an obstacle. Lois recently held a rally at the Elma theater in A Pobra do Caramiñal, where she was supported by Minister Pablo Bustinduy, who highlighted the government’s social agenda.

At the rally, Lois responded to a challenge from her successor in Congress, Íñigo Errejón, by asking attendees to convince and lead at least five people to vote for Sumar Galicia. Minister Bustinduy emphasized the importance of the upcoming vote, calling it the decisive and essential vote that will make change possible. He urged all working people, women, and students to go out and vote, as change is very close.

Bustinduy also called on Galician citizens to consider who is truly talking about the future of Galicia, health, education, and social rights, as opposed to those who are promoting indifference, fear, and uncertainty. He also addressed the issue of farmers’ protests, highlighting the need for a new model of well-being and wealth redistribution.

Lois also emphasized the importance of women and announced plans to launch a public home help service. She urged supporters to spread the word about the upcoming change and emphasized that it is up to them to ensure that Sumar Galicia is part of the political equation. She also addressed the notion that the useful vote is for the BNG, stating that a vote for the BNG and the PSdeG will not be enough to bring about the desired change.

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