Lois emphasizes women’s votes as “decisive” for “historic political change”


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Marta Lois, Sumar’s candidate for the presidency of the Xunta, recently participated in a meeting in Santiago called ‘Galicia, territory das mulleres’ at the CSC Maruxa e Coralia. She was joined by Sumar’s deputy spokesperson in Congress, Aina Vidal, and several other candidates. Lois emphasized the importance of women in the upcoming political change on 18F, stating that women will play a decisive role in this historic event.

Lois believes that women will be the voice of Sumar Galicia and that their votes will be crucial in leaving behind the policies of abandonment and abuse in Galicia. She urged women and young people to mobilize on February 18 to vote for Sumar Galicia and help prevent the Popular Party from maintaining its absolute majority. She emphasized Sumar’s commitment to feminist policies and the party’s desire to place women at the center of their agenda.

Aina Vidal also spoke at the event, highlighting the importance of a government with the capacity for transformation. She expressed optimism about the visible possibility of change and the potential for Sumar to make a difference in the upcoming elections. Vidal stressed the importance of understanding that the useful and decisive vote passes through Sumar Galicia, and she encouraged other parties to work together to end corruption and promote social policies.

In terms of health, Vidal discussed proposals to expand the portfolio of Social Security services, including dental and eye care. She also emphasized the importance of gynecological rehabilitation and the addition of gynecological hygiene products and feminine cures to the portfolio of medicines covered by Social Security.

In conclusion, Marta Lois thanked all the women who attended the event and expressed her desire to govern and build with feminist women in the Galician capital. She encouraged everyone to vote on 18F and emphasized the importance of women’s voices in shaping the future of Galicia. The event concluded with a midday gathering that included vermouth and food.

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