Local authorities mandated to take action to curb air pollution


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The Minister of Environment, Susana Muhamad, expressed gratitude for the efforts of entities and communities in initiating ecological restoration processes. However, she cautioned that the current environmental emergency situation due to forest fires makes it an inopportune time to carry out such activities.

The Ministry of Environment has issued a circular to all environmental authorities, municipal and departmental, to implement control and prevention strategies for air pollution in the country. Minister Muhamad emphasized the challenges that the country will face in February, the driest month of the El NiƱo phenomenon. She stressed the importance of continuous advice from environmental authorities to regions in their functions of prevention, control, and surveillance of atmospheric pollution phenomena.

The Ministry of Environment has highlighted the impact of forest fires and adverse weather conditions on air quality in the country. In response to this situation, the portfolio has established seven specific guidelines to optimize the response to forest fires and other types of polluting sources. These guidelines include measures such as communicating with the population about the situation, strengthening local measures to mitigate fires, evaluating the operating schedules of incinerators and polluting industrial activities, and coordinating actions to strengthen monitoring of environmental provisions.

The Government has called on citizens to refrain from burning and deforestation, avoid campfires and other activities that can cause forest fires, and not burn garbage or engage in open burning. The Ministry of Environment has also urged local entities, Military Forces, and communities to refrain from carrying out activities that could cause more serious damage to ecosystems and to join the restoration plans that will be designed for each area.

Minister Muhamad emphasized the importance of waiting for the return of rain before initiating ecological restoration processes. She encouraged local entities, Military Forces, and communities to contact the Environmental Authorities of their jurisdiction and participate in the restoration plans that will be developed for each area. By working together and waiting for the right conditions, the restoration efforts can be more effective and beneficial for the environment.

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