Liverpool 10-Men Secure Super Cup After Hard-Fought Win


Liverpool defeats Nacional in Uruguayan Supercopa

Liverpool overwhelmed Nacional in the 48th Uruguayan Supercopa. Despite Nacional having the advantage of playing with 11 players and Liverpool with 10, it was the Belvedere neighborhood team that took the lead five minutes into the match. Rodrigo Rivero fired a powerful shot with his right foot from outside the area that goalkeeper Sergio Rochet couldn’t save and Gonzalo Nápoli ended up sealing the victory.

It didn’t take long for Lucas Lemos, of Liverpool, to receive two yellow cards and be ejected in the 37th minute. However, the squad still managed to maintain dominance and lead at the half.

  Liverpool's £62m man makes Premier League history with this incredible feat!

The second half saw Nacional attacking and applying pressure, with the first clear scoring opportunity coming in the 58th minute, when the player Camilo Cándido had a one-on-one with the goalkeeper Lentinelly. Lentinelly was able to clear the shot, allowing Liverpool to prevail and secure their second Super Cup in their cabinet.


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