Live Updates on Jonathan Majors’ Assault Trial


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Grace Jabbari, the accuser of Jonathan Majors, watched videos of herself dancing in a nightclub within hours of the alleged attack. The video surveillance was presented to the jury by Majors’s defense team. In the footage, Jabbari is seen walking into Loosie’s Nightclub surrounded by a group of strangers she came upon during the altercation with Majors. She was seen purchasing a bottle of champagne for the group with the credit card Majors had given her. Jabbari is also seen dancing with the new friends, but “not very well” according to her testimony. She claimed that she was not focusing on the pain and was just trying to have a nice time. She also said that she was mostly focused on the pain of Majors’s infidelity.

During court, Judge Michael Gaffey reminded Majors to continue to honor the temporary order of protection that was granted back in April in regards to ex-girlfriend Jabbari, who accused him of assault. Majors agreed to honor the order.

Jabbari cried through much of her two-day testimony, describing a series of allegedly abusive interactions over the course of their 19-month relationship. She recalled injuries, waking up to find blood behind her ear hours after she claimed the actor struck a blow against her head. She testified she learned of Majors’s arrest while hospitalized following the alleged attack and getting a splint put on her finger. She said she felt like it was her fault and that she should have just lied so he wouldn’t get in trouble.

Jabbari, Majors’ ex and accuser, took the stand for her second day of testimony and told the jury that Majors “knows what he’s done: He’s cheated on me, he’s attacked me.” She said that she reached out to him the morning after their alleged fight, wanting “closure.” She also described the alleged March 2023 incident in which she grabbed Majors’s phone from his hand to more clearly read a message from another woman.

Jabbari said that she had not reported past incidents of violence because she knew Majors to be “not trusting of police as a Black man, and I didn’t want to put him in that position.” She testified that this time, emergency personnel took photos of her injuries and admitted her to the hospital because “they believed I wanted to hurt myself.” Majors, who had called 911, was subsequently arrested. She said she loved him still and didn’t want to get him in trouble. She also described how she had learned of Majors’ arrest while she was at the hospital getting a splint put on her finger. She said she felt really sad and felt like it was her fault.

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