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The pairs head to the dining room for the first time for the judges to try their dishes without seeing them. Everyone is confident in their preparations, but the judges will ultimately decide who continues and who does not. Joaquín Escobar and Rodrigo Sánchez Patiño’s dish only half convinced the judges. Damián and Toyo’s dish was disappointing despite having taken the benefit. Pancho Cavero and Ximena Díaz’s dish was approved by the judges, who liked the presentation and flavor. The Hurtado sisters did not have a good night and did not finish preparing the puree, and the liver was raw, so they will have points against them.

The chaos continues as the participants struggle to finish the assignment. After the competition, the jury chooses Damián and Toyo as the winners of the benefit. They will have the recipe ready in hand, unlike their peers. The other contestants will have them separated into parts in a headband that one of the members of each duo will wear, making the process more difficult and time-consuming. The second dish is Liver with onions with pallares puree.

The jury goes through each station to taste the dishes. Pancho Cavero and Ximena Díaz’s dish was a good start, with good presentation, temperature, and seasoning. The Hurtado sisters also had a good start, but the presentation could have been better. Joaquín de Escobar and Rodrigo Sánchez Patiño did not have the same luck, as the jury found the food to be hot when it was a cold dish, and the flavor was not the best. Damián and Toyo received praise, although the pepper went a little overboard, the flavor was good.

The Hurtado sisters continue to surprise in ‘The Great Famous Chef’ by appearing with a fire extinguisher that screams their personality full of glitter and pink tones, as well as their personalized utensils to continue with their style. The duos continue preparing their first dish, with Giacomo Bocchio approaching each station to see how the participants are progressing. José Peláez does the same and talks with the contestants to find out how they feel in this experience. Pancho Cavero and Ximena Díaz tell their love story and how they met, while Damián Ode suffered a small cut on his first day, but it was not serious.

Before starting to cook, the pairs were subjected to a dynamic. One of the participants of each duo was framed and her companion had to find the key to remove the handcuffs and thus start cooking. Happily, it wasn’t that difficult for them and they managed to start cooking. Giacomo Bocchio gives step by step how to serve clean oysters, with the contestants taking notes and saying it seems like an easy process. However, they will have to wait to cook to see how difficult it was.

The Hurtado sisters, true to their style, are very glamorous in the competition, but are told that it will be impossible for them to work in high heels. They surprise by appearing with comfortable shoes, but with their own stamp. The participants receive the first product of the night, oysters, and are surprised to see the protein. After that, Giacomo Bocchio mentions that the first dish of the night is ‘Oysters a la chalaca’.

The first couples to premiere the season are: Ximena Díaz and Pancho Cavero, Josetty and Génesis Hurtado, Joaquín Escobar and Rodrigo Sánchez Patiño, and finally Damián and el Toyo. Everyone is very enthusiastic about being part of this program. Each duo gave their point of view on this competition and they hope to give their best. The sisters revealed that their younger sister is a fan of El Gran Chef Famosos, so José Peláez sent them a greeting. Ximena Díaz confesses that she is not good in the kitchen, but she hopes that her partner, Pancho Cavero, will be the one to take the initiative and help in the operation on the program.

The new season of ‘The Great Celebrity Chef’ begins, with José Peláez welcoming the participants. The premiere of a new season of ‘El Gran Chef Famosos’ will be this Monday, February 5 starting at 7:45 pm. The program can be seen on free-to-air channel 2 and through cable services. The new season will feature 8 pairs competing daily with the aim of reaching the final stage. The premiere of the sixth season of ‘The Great Celebrity Chef’ will be on Latina TV.

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