Little Village Charter School Teachers Strike, Classes Cancelled


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Teachers at two charter schools in Little Village, Chicago went on strike on Tuesday after failed negotiations for better conditions. This led to classes being canceled at the schools. The teachers, who are part of a union, have been trying to negotiate a new contract for over two years. They are concerned about the shortage of bilingual and special needs staff at the schools.

Eva Arcentales, a Spanish teacher at the schools, stated in an interview with UnivisiĆ³n that they have been fighting for better conditions for over two years. She expressed concern about the lack of teachers in key areas such as English, science, and mathematics, as well as the shortage of special education teachers for students with disabilities.

The teachers are also seeking to improve their working conditions and salaries. They are worried about the lack of employees at the schools, which has made it difficult to serve immigrant students and those who need English as a second language instruction.

The strike was attended by teachers, student representatives, political leaders, and members of the Little Village community. The situation is still developing, and classes at the schools remain canceled. This strike is a significant event in the ongoing struggle for better education and working conditions in Chicago.

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