ESLAND 2023: List of Nominated Finalists

ESLAND 2023: List of Nominated Finalists

The world of streaming is all set to witness the second edition of the ESLAND awards. The awards will celebrate the creativity and talent of the best content creators in the Spanish-speaking community. It will be held this Sunday, January 29th, 2023 at the National Auditorium in Mexico City. People can follow it from 12:00 (UTC time) on the Twitch channel of TheGrefg, its main benefactor, and the nominees for the various statuettes will get all expenses paid.

Nominees for the awards are from various categories such as Best Streamer of the Year, Streamer Revelation of the Year, Vtuber of the Year, Streamer IRL of the Year, Best Content Series of the Year, Clip of the Year Award, Anger of the Year Award, Fail of the Year Award, Best eSports Player of the Year Award, Caster of the Year Award, Best News Coverage Award, ESPlayer Award and last but the least Song and Dance of the Year Awards. The list of nominees include AuronPlay, ElMariana, Ibai Llanos, Illo, Juan, Emikukis, Kendomurft, NimuZilverK, Arrozy, Desgracias, Kidi, Lluna, Clark, Viviendoenlacalle, The floor is lava, Juaniquilacopa, Build Battle, Saw Minecraft Games, Squid Games Minecraft, The DEDchallenge 2, Karmaland V, Pokémon Twitch Cup 2, TortillaLand 2, The Great Game of Youtubers 2, GP of Twitch Be, Juaniquilocopa, Chatting Calmly, The round table, The Wild Project, Yo Interneto, Attack on the French flag, La haka, If it appears now we like the penis, Smile if you like the dick and much more.

This is going to be an interesting event that everyone should watch out for. So do not forget to tune in the Twitch channel at Sunday, January 29th, 2023 in order to witness this amazing event.

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