Liquid Metal Robots Advance Medicine and Engineering

Liquid Metal Robots Advance Medicine and Engineering

Miniature Liquid Robot Created For Maintenance Tasks

Researchers from Chinese University of Hong Kong have created a miniature liquid robotic device capable of carrying out detailed maintenance tasks in hard to reach places.

Dubbed the Magnetoactive solid-liquid phase transition matter (MPTM), the robot is made out of tiny magnetic particles of neodymium, iron and boron attached to a small part of gallium – a metal that melts at 29.8ºC. This allows it to transform into a liquid state and navigate as needed.

Its applications in the medical field can be used for extraction or foreign objects in the human body, or it can be used in engineering and mechanics tasks, such as to tighten or loosen nuts and bolts. It’s external magnetic field is what provides the power to operate and maneuver.

The MPTM is still in development and researchers are yet to explain how and by what means the robot’s tasks will be carried out. The arrival of this miniaturized liquid metal robot surely brings us one step closer to the world of science fiction.

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