Linda Caicedo’s Heartbreaking Reaction to Colombia’s World Cup Exit


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The Colombian National Team achieved the quarterfinals in the 2023 Women’s World Cup in Australia and New Zealand, but their defeat against England left the players and fans feeling sad. Linda Caicedo, a young and talented player, was particularly affected by the loss. The 2-1 score reflected the South American team’s errors and the English team’s precision in scoring. Caicedo was limited by the hard mark placed on her by the English, preventing her from making a difference in the game.

After the match, Caicedo expressed her sadness for the team’s elimination and for her teammates. She also expressed concern for her injured teammate, Carolina Arias. Caicedo acknowledged the support they received from fans and thanked the Colombian people for their support. She also expressed her disappointment at the team’s early exit from the tournament.

Despite the emotional toll of the loss, Caicedo highlighted the team’s efforts to compete against the physically strong English team. She also expressed her disappointment at not being able to achieve their goals in the World Cup.

The match between Colombia and England saw the English team’s physical power make a difference early on. Despite taking the lead with a goal from Leicy Santos, Colombia was unable to maintain their advantage. The English team’s equalizer and subsequent goal ended Colombia’s dream of advancing in the tournament.

In the end, Colombia said goodbye to the World Cup, having reached the quarterfinals and being among the eight best teams in the world.

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