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Lima to See Anti-Government Protests on Thursday

Lima to See Anti-Government Protests on Thursday

Thousands of citizens in Peru rail against President Boluarte amidst protests

On Wednesday, January 19th, 2023, large-scale citizen demonstrations called for the resignation of President Dina Boluarte and the closure of Congress, along with demands for general elections and the institution of a constituent assembly.

Leaders at the demonstration made a press conference clear that democracy and harmony in the country will not be possible unless boluarte resigns and no compromise will be made on their demands.

Gerónimo López, Secretary General of CGTP and press members at the conference were joined by various leaders from the southern and northern regions of Peru, including Cuzco, La Libertad, Cajamarca,and Apurímac.

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During these demonstrations, one woman was reported dead, while another person was wounded in the clashes between protesters and police officers at the city of Macusani, in the southern region of Puno. It was also reported that the local police station was set on fire.

The president of the judiciary,, Javier Arévalo, warns of pattern of attacks on law enforcement institutions, and urged the president to take precautionary measures to avoid further violence and injury.

Since December protests for impeaching President Boluarte have claimed the lives of 43 people, including one police officer and nine due to other causes related to the demonstration, such as roadblocks.

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The Peruvian Prosecutors office affirms that the right to protest is respected and calls for measures to prevent and prosecute crime.

Chelsea Waller
Chelsea Waller
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