Lima Targeted by Demonstrations – DW News

Thousands Expected to Protest Resignation of Boluarte in Lima Despite State of Emergency

Monday marks a new stage in the protests in Peru, as thousands arrive in Lima to march against the resignation of politician Boluarte. This will come in stark contrast to the state of emergency decreed by president, which was declared due to a nationwide wave of protests in recent months.

Most of the individuals attending the demonstrations indicate that they are tired of corruption among authorities and unsatisfied with the current political scenario. They denounce the decision of Boluarte to resign and call upon the president to hear the demands of citizens.

Organizers of the event hope to bring out thousands to make their presence known, and urge the public to respect social distancing and wear masks for security.

Various groups will take to the streets in protests and continue to be vocal about the need for changes that prioritize the people. The idea is to make a lasting impression and get the government to take action.

Peru is currently facing a soaring rate of political tension and protests are expected to continue in the next months as citizens seek to make their voices heard.

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