Lima Municipality seizes surrendered pets for adoption


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The Municipality of Lima recently took action against a non-profit animal association called Patitas Abandonadas. Instead of working to stop the sale of animals, inspectors from the municipality seized dogs and cats that were up for adoption. The incident was captured on video by volunteers from the shelter, as well as onlookers who were shocked by what they witnessed.

The inspectors surrounded the area and proceeded to take away the animals, as well as the fence and other items belonging to the association. The staff of the association was not informed of where the pets were being taken, causing concern for their well-being.

In response to the incident, Congresswoman Sigrid Bazán sent a letter to the mayor of Renovación Popular to obtain information about the status and location of the animals. She expressed concern about the intervention and requested details about the reasons for the seizure, as well as the current state of the pets and the protocol used by the municipality for such inspections.

Following criticism, the Metropolitan Municipality of Lima claimed that the adoption campaign conducted by Patitas Abandonadas was actually a form of informal marketing. They alleged that the animals were in poor conditions and being exposed to the harsh sun, and that the association was engaged in economic interests rather than genuine adoption efforts.

In response to the municipality’s claims, social media users pointed out that the association is registered as non-profit, and suggested filing a complaint for defamation against the Municipality of Lima.

The incident has sparked controversy and raised questions about the treatment of animals and the actions of the municipality in combating the sale and adoption of animals. It has also highlighted the need for clearer guidelines and protocols for such interventions, as well as the importance of protecting the welfare of animals in the city.

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