Liga MX LIVE: Results and Matches of Date 9 of Clausura

Table of positions of the Liga MX LIVE: results and matches of the date 9 of the Clausura

The Liga MX Clausura 2023 tournament is in full swing and the ninth day of competition is upon us. Cruz Azul, Tigers, Atlas, America, Leon, and Monterey are all set to take the field this weekend. VĂ­ctor Manuel Vucetich’s team is currently in the lead with 21 points after eight dates.

The updated position table shows the teams at the top, the teams in the middle, and the teams at the bottom. But the real excitement comes from the duels that are taking place this weekend. Cruz Azul will face Juarez, Tigers will face Chivas de Guadalajara, Atlas will face America, and Leon will face Monterey.

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It promises to be an exciting weekend of soccer in Mexico. Don’t miss out on the action and the results of the ninth date of the Clausura 2023 tournament. Keep up with the latest news and updates from Depor.TE.


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