Leonor Benedetto’s health deteriorates during Mar del Plata interview: details emerge


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Leonor Benedetto, the famous actress, experienced a transient ischemia last Saturday while giving an interview on a morning program on Radio Brisas in Mar del Plata. She had difficulty speaking and was taken to a medical center where she remained under observation until Sunday noon. However, she is now out of danger and will resume her theatrical activity tonight.

Leonor Benedetto is currently doing a season on the coast with the play “Perdida Mente” alongside Iliana Calabro, Mirta Wons, Ana María Picchio, and Emilia Mazer. This is not the first time she has experienced an episode of this kind, which is why she was immediately taken to the hospital for observation and tests. On Sunday, she was discharged from the hospital and is now in perfect health.

The theater released an official statement about Leonor Benedetto’s health, stating that her role in the play “Perdida Mente” would be covered by actress Laura Espínola due to her health condition. The theater producer, Carlos Rottemberg, detailed the episode that Leonor Benedetto had, explaining that she was fully conscious during the incident and was taken to the hospital for tests, which came back good.

Rottemberg also reported that the actress was lucid and did not lose consciousness at any time. She was hospitalized for observation on Saturday and was discharged on Sunday. It was decided that she would rest on Monday and Sunday, and resume her usual activities on Tuesday.

Iliana Calabró clarified that it was not a stroke, as had been reported in some media, and that Leonor Benedetto missed the Saturday and Sunday performances. Mirta Wons also confirmed that Leonor Benedetto is doing well and that she had a replacement for the performances she missed.

Director of the play, José María Muscari, also clarified that it was not a stroke and confirmed that Leonor Benedetto is in perfect health. He had previously congratulated the cast for their hard work and dedication to the play.

In conclusion, Leonor Benedetto is now in good health and will resume her work activities after taking a few days off to rest and recover. Her colleagues and the theater director have confirmed that she is doing well and that the play “Perdida Mente” has received an award for best dramatic comedy.

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