Leipzig airport strike disrupts Real Madrid’s travel plans


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Real Madrid’s travel plans were disrupted due to a strike at Leipzig airport and other airports in the federal state of Saxony, located in eastern Germany. As a result, the team was forced to land in Erfurt and then travel 146 kilometers by bus to reach their destination. The original plan was to land in Leipzig around 1:00 p.m., but the strike caused a delay in their travel schedule.

The strike was called by the union ver.di, which had organized a 48-hour warning strike at the airports of Leipzig and Dresden from Sunday morning to Monday morning. This industrial action caused significant disruptions to air travel in the region, affecting not only Real Madrid but also other passengers and airlines.

Real Madrid’s arrival in Erfurt around 12:00 p.m. meant that they had to adjust their plans and make alternative arrangements to reach Leipzig. Despite the inconvenience, the team managed to travel by bus and eventually reach their destination.

The strike at the airports was expected to end on the night of the same day, with air traffic returning to normal. This meant that Real Madrid should not have encountered any further problems when it came to their return journey. However, the initial disruption caused by the strike had already impacted their travel plans and led to an unexpected change in their itinerary.

Overall, the strike at Leipzig airport and other airports in Saxony had a significant impact on Real Madrid’s travel arrangements. Despite the challenges posed by the strike, the team managed to adapt and reach their destination, demonstrating resilience and flexibility in the face of unexpected circumstances. As air traffic returned to normal, the disruption caused by the strike was expected to dissipate, allowing for smoother travel for all passengers and airlines.

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