Legal process against Óscar Iván Zuluaga and son for Odebrecht financing to continue in Bogotá courts


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The former presidential candidate, Óscar Iván Zuluaga, is facing legal trouble after it was revealed that he may have received about 1.6 million dollars from the Brazilian multinational, Odebrecht, for the financing of his 2014 campaign. The Criminal Decision Chamber of the Superior Court of Bogotá has declared that the trial for the alleged irregular financing will be carried out before specialized judges in Bogotá.

Both Zuluaga and his son, David, are set to stand trial for procedural fraud, falsification of private documents, and illicit enrichment of individuals. The Attorney General’s Office has revealed evidence, including revealing audios, that suggest the former presidential candidate’s involvement in the alleged irregular financing.

The 64-year-old politician is accused of receiving 1.6 million dollars from Odebrecht, which were not reported in the campaign accounting and were intended to pay the fees of the publicist José Eduardo Cavalcanti de Mendoça, also known as Doubt Mendonça. The prosecution has accused Zuluaga of instrumentalizing his son and lying before the National Electoral Council about the true cost and advertising services provided by Mendoça.

The trial will proceed before specialized judges in Bogotá, and the former candidate and his son will have to face the charges brought against them. The legal process is ongoing, and further developments are expected in the case.

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