Lebanon army reports one soldier killed in Israeli shelling on border post | Israel-Palestine conflict


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Lebanon’s armed forces suffered their first casualty since the start of cross-border attacks with Israel in October. A Lebanese soldier was killed in Israeli shelling on a military post near the southern border, with three others wounded. The attack took place on the frontier post on Oweida hill, according to an army statement on Tuesday.

This marked the first time a member of Lebanon’s armed forces has been killed since the current round of fighting between Israel and the Palestinian group Hamas in Gaza began on October 7. Since then, Israel and armed groups in southern Lebanon, particularly the powerful Iran-backed Hezbollah, have engaged in back-and-forth exchanges across the border, resulting in more than 100 deaths, with about 80 of them being Hezbollah fighters.

Since the collapse of a truce between Hamas and Israel on Friday, Israeli forces and Hezbollah have exchanged fire across the Israel-Lebanon border on a daily basis. On Tuesday, Hezbollah reported that its fighters had attacked four Israeli positions along the border, while Israel said that several missiles launched from southern Lebanon fell in vacant areas. Lebanon’s National News Agency reported that Israeli forces had shelled and carried out air raids in the area of southern Lebanon near the border.

Despite the ongoing tit-for-tat reprisals, Israel and Hezbollah have taken steps to avoid escalation that could lead to a large-scale war. Lebanon’s army has not been directly involved in the fighting. In late November, a UN peacekeeping force in southern Lebanon reported that its forces had come under fire from Israeli forces, calling the incident “deeply troubling.”

Tens of thousands of people in communities near the borders of both countries have evacuated their homes, fearing they could be caught up in the middle of an escalation if it eventually takes place. The situation remains tense, with both sides continuing to engage in hostilities, but efforts are being made to prevent a full-scale conflict.

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