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Lead actors in the drama film on Netflix: A closer look

Netflix’s First Zambian Movie, “Can You See Us?”, Sheds Light on Discrimination and Hope

Netflix continues to diversify its original content by featuring films from various countries and cultures. One of their latest additions is “Can You See Us?”, a powerful Zambian movie that delves into the of a young boy named Joseph, who struggles with albinism and the challenges that come with it. Directed by Kenny Mumba and co-written by Andrew and Laurence Thompson, this bittersweet coming-of-age story tells the tale of Joseph as he navigates a world filled with discrimination and .

The of “Can You See Us?” consists of talented newcomers to the , many of whom are making their debut in this . Thabo Kaamba, who portrays the younger version of Joseph, draws from her own personal experiences as she was also born with albinism and faced rejection from her father at a young age. Her portrayal showcases her undeniable talent and leaves viewers anticipating her future projects.

George Sikazwe takes on the role of older Joseph, displaying his acting prowess as he delves into the older version of the . Ruth Jule portrays Joseph’s mother Chama, while Kangwa Chileshe brings Joseph’s father Kennedy to life. Kondwani Elliot Zulu, who previously appeared in the 2020 film “Black Dollar,” plays Joseph’s stepfather Martin. The rest of the cast includes Grace Rumsey as Brenda, Francisca M. Muchangwe as Jenifer, Mosiska Tembo Chanda as Mai Kennedy, Tshiamala as Pheli, Chibwe Katebe as Ba John, Chipego M. Mwiinga as Sharon Young, and Marie Ndhlovu as Older Sharon.

“Can You See Us?” tackles sensitive subject matter with the necessary gravitas, shining a light on the discrimination faced by individuals with albinism. The film offers a glimpse into the challenges and triumphs of Joseph’s journey, highlighting the importance of , understanding, and acceptance.

For those interested in witnessing this groundbreaking Zambian film, “Can You See Us?” is now available for on Netflix. This film represents a significant step forward in providing international perspectives and showcasing untold stories on a global platform. So, grab your popcorn and immerse yourself in the talented performances and impactful storytelling of “Can You See Us?”

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