Lawyer of Justin Danwe Suspects Involvement in Assassination of Martinez Zogo

Cameroon: Justin Danwe's lawyer, suspected in the assassination of Martinez Zogo, counterattacks

The lawyers of the parties suspected of involvement in the assassination of journalist Martinez Zogo are currently engaged in a communication battle. On February 17, Charles Tchoungang, the lawyer for businessman Jean-Pierre Amougou Belinga, accused the other main suspect, Lieutenant-Colonel Justin Danwé, of making retractions and contradictory statements. In response, Danwé’s lawyer, Maître Jacques Mbunny, criticised Tchoungang for speaking about the case in front of journalists, as it is still under investigation.

Mbunny also denied the claims attributed to Danwé, which alleged that he had admitted to carrying out the operations which led to the death of Zogo, and had named two ministers, Laurent Esso and Louis-Paul Motaze, as having a role in the affair.

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The two lawyers have thus engaged in a war of words, each accusing the other of violating the secrecy of the judicial police investigation. It remains to be seen whether any progress will be made in the investigation of Zogo’s death.


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