law President Petro to Review Mining Title Law

**Colombian President Gustavo Petro Amends Mining Code to Protect Water**

In a visit to the town of Jericó in Antioquia, Colombian President Gustavo Petro announced the project to amend the country’s Mining Code with a focus on water protection.

“We said it in the campaign, it was not to say it, it was because we believe in it; the water in the territory cannot be endangered,” assured President Petro, citing university studies that show a danger between the proposed mining & water. In order to protect this limited resource, the President clarified that the Government would adhere to the universal precautionary principle and put water first.

To move this project forward, Petro has summoned “a national convention of small miners to formulate their proposals, because we want a State that is friendly to small miners and for them to return.” The Mining Code reform is part of the President’s energy transition policy to combat the climate crisis, which has caused much controversy.

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