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Laura Nuttall’s mother fulfills daughter’s last wish hours after holding her hand as she passed away

Laura Nuttall’s mother fulfills daughter’s last wish hours after holding her hand as she passed away

On Monday, Nicola Nuttall climbed into her car to give blood, just hours after losing her 23-year-old daughter, Laura, to a brain tumour. According to Nicola, Laura was always public minded and had signed up to give blood as soon as she turned 17. Unfortunately, cancer prevented her from donating, which frustrated her greatly. Therefore, her mother knew that Laura would have expected her to keep her appointment. Even though Nicola was grieving, she honoured her daughter’s wishes and showed up to donate blood.

Laura Nuttall was diagnosed with glioblastoma multiforme in 2018 while studying politics, philosophy, and economics at King’s College London. She underwent 11 cycles of chemotherapy, radiotherapy, several invasive operations, and private immunotherapy treatment in Germany, paid for by donations. Laura’s incredible courage in the face of such a devastating diagnosis even coaxed comedian Peter Kay out of semi-retirement. He struck up a close friendship with the student, and shortly before her death, he held two fundraising gigs for her.

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Laura passed away, and her family is now showing the same resilience in her death as she showed in life by vowing to carry on her legacy. In one final altruistic act, Laura donated her brain for research into the aggressive disease. It is the biggest cancer killer of children and under-40s, but research funding for it is only two per cent. The family hopes that Laura’s donation will bring more attention and funding towards research into glioblastoma multiforme.

Laura’s boundless determination and sheer will to survive meant she outlived the year-long diagnosis she was given. Laura’s family spent an agonising 11 days by her bedside as she faded away. Little squeezes from her hand lessened before they finally stopped. In her final days, Laura lost her ability to speak and communicate. However, according to her mother, she was “as tenacious in death as she was in life.”

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Laura’s family members all contributed to her bucket list, which included finishing her degree, driving a monster truck, meeting former American First Lady Michelle Obama, fishing with Paul Whitehouse and Bob Mortimer, commanding a Royal Navy warship, and presenting a TV weather forecast. Laura’s legacy has touched thousands of strangers around the world, and her life inspires others to fight against glioblastoma multiforme.

The Nuttalls’ loss is immense, but they hope that their actions in keeping Laura’s legacy alive will make a difference and prevent other families from experiencing the same pain. Nicola misses Laura every day, and it is a distinct type of grief to lose a child. However, Laura’s determination and altruistic acts have left a lasting impact, and her memory will live on.

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