Laura Flores Proudly Credits “Mother’s Milk” for Son Patricio’s Achievement


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Laura Flores, a proud actress, recently shared a photo of her 17-year-old son, Patricio, and announced that he will soon be studying Chemical Engineering at university on a scholarship due to his high academic achievements. She expressed her excitement and pride, attributing his success to breast milk and humorously adding laughing emojis to her post.

While Laura did not specify which university Patricio will be attending, it is unclear whether it will be in Miami, where they currently reside, or in another city in the United States, which would mean he will be leaving home. This mirrors the experience of their first-born daughter, María, who moved to San Antonio, Texas in 2018 to pursue an Engineering degree and has been living away from her family since then.

Patricio and María are the children of businessman José Ramón Diez, Laura’s third husband. The couple was married for 9 years and Laura had to undergo In Vitro fertilization to conceive both of her biological children due to difficulties with pregnancy. In addition to her two biological children, Laura also has two adopted children, Alejandro and Ana Sofía, who are 14 and 13 years old, respectively.

Laura’s life has been marked by five marriages, with her first marriage to Sergio Fachelli being particularly tumultuous due to alleged violence. She is currently happily married to Matthew Flannery, whom she secretly wed in October 2019. In a recent interview, Laura reflected on her stormy marriage with Fachelli and the lessons she learned from that experience, which she now shares with her eldest daughter, María.

She admitted that her fear of her father’s reaction led her to marry Fachelli, and she now advises young people against making similar decisions out of fear. Despite facing criticism for her permissive parenting style, Laura emphasizes the importance of open communication with her children, particularly her daughter María, who is in a relationship and often stays with her boyfriend in her room when she visits home from university.

Laura trusts her daughter’s judgment and respects her choices, believing that it has led to María becoming a responsible and successful young woman. She encourages open dialogue with her children and uses her past experiences as a cautionary tale, advising them to prioritize their health and well-being in their decisions.

María currently studies at the University of Texas in San Antonio, where she resides independently from her family. Laura and her other three children live in Florida, but she travels to Mexico for work projects. María has traveled to various places with her boyfriend, Jordan Cárdenas, and Laura believes that her parenting style has contributed to her daughter’s independence and maturity.

Laura’s difficult marriage with Fachelli has influenced her parenting approach with all of her children, as she openly discusses the challenges she faced and uses it as an example of what not to tolerate in relationships. She emphasizes the importance of self-respect and making choices that prioritize one’s well-being, rather than seeking validation from others.

In conclusion, Laura Flores’ journey as a mother and her experiences in marriage have shaped her parenting style and her relationship with her children. She is committed to open communication, trust, and respect, and she encourages her children to prioritize their well-being and make choices that align with their values. Her unique approach to parenting has led to her children’s success and independence, and she continues to support and guide them as they navigate their own paths in life.

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