Latvia and Poland Look Forward to President Biden’s Potential Trip to Central Europe

Latvia and Poland Look Forward to President Biden’s Potential Trip to Central Europe

Biden’s Central Europe Tour to be a Strong Signal for Latvia, Ukraine and Moscow: Presidents of Poland & Latvia

Latvian President Egils Levits and Polish President Andrzej Duda addressed a joint press conference on February 1 and said that an upcoming visit to Central Europe by US President Joe Biden will be a strong signal for Latvia, Poland, Ukraine and even Moscow.

The two leaders highlighted the good relations and the close agreement between the two countries on international issues. Levits recalled the two countries had declared independence the same week of November 1918, and how Polish forces had helped liberate the second largest city in Latvia, Daugavpils, of the Bolshevik forces during the war for Independence.

Duda noted that the precise details of Biden’s visit will not be known till shortly before it occurs for security reasons, but also noted that wherever the US president goes in Central and Eastern Europe, he will see the situation “with his own eyes” in a country in the direct shadow of the war against Ukraine.

On the question of sending arms to Poland, Duda replied that his country had already provided 240 tanks of various types to Ukraine and refrained from committing to a future shipment of F-16 fighter jets. Both presidents agreed that there should be exploration of legal ways to use the confiscated or frozen Russian assets to finance the reconstruction of Ukraine after the War is over.

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