Latino”Fans Compare 17-Year-Old Shakira to Blonde Clara Chía: How Do They Look Alike?

Young Woman Looks Surprisingly Similar to Famous Singer Shakera from Her Early Career

A 1994 interview between a young Shakira and a Spanish journalist is circulating in social networks recently, raising arguments that its unknown protagonist, Clara Chía, resembles heavily the early years of the Colombian singer in her artistic career.

At 23-years-old, Chía appears to share the same facial features and hairstyle of the world-famous singer, making many point out the incredible resemblance between the two young women.

The 18-minute-long interview resurfaced in recent weeks, leaving users of the internet amazed and questioning the similar looks between both women.

Apart from their surprising resemblance, a joint venture between entertainment platform ViX and Fox Latin America stands out as a reminder, bringing to the surface the incredible Spanish-language content from the entertainment giant.

Subscribers of the platform can access movies, series, soap operas, sports and thousands of hours of content in their language, now with more than 100 channels, totally free.

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