Latina Mother’s Culture Shock: Recycling in Germany


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Many TikTok users use their accounts to share their experiences of living in different countries. One such user is Chingu Amiga, a young Korean woman who found success in Mexico. But what about Latinos who move to another continent? Let’s take a look at the story of Harin, a young Venezuelan who moved to Germany with his family and shares their cultural shocks on social media.

Harin first moved to Germany before bringing his family, so many things that are normal for him are completely new for his mother. Recently, he shared a video of his mother’s first culture shock on TikTok. In the video, his mother is seen carrying a large bag full of bottles, not knowing what they would do with them. When she found out that they would be taken to the supermarket, she was surprised because it was the first time she had encountered this situation. “You are going to make me feel sad (…) Not even in Venezuela, he brings me to Europe so that I can go to pot,” says the TikToker’s mother.

Upon arriving at the supermarket, the woman notices a machine where they can return the bottles and receive a ticket equivalent to 30 euros (32.53 dollars), which they can exchange for food. The video received 2.9 million views and thousands of comments from users who found the idea of bottle return machines interesting and imagined what it would be like to have them in Latin America. Some users joked about the difference in perception between Europe and Latin America regarding recycling.

After working in Europe for several years, Harin brought his mother and sister to live with him, documenting their experiences on TikTok. His sister is still struggling to adjust to European time, while his mother wants to go to bed as soon as it gets dark, even if it’s only 5 in the afternoon. “It’s already night, The sun is gone, I’m going to go to bed and sleep, buddy,” says the lady in the video, settling into her bed.

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