Last Day of Protests in France Ends with Riots and Damage

Violent riots and widespread damage marked the final day of protests against the pension reform in France. The demonstrations were met with partial strikes by various sectors including the train service, refineries, gas, and garbage collectors. Protests took place in Paris, Bordeaux, Marseille, and other cities of the European country. Citizens are frustrated with French President Emmanuel Macron for approving the unpopular reform through a decree, which many have labeled as authoritarianism.

Amidst a government ban on demonstrating in the Place de la Concorde, in which the protests of the last two nights have led to hundreds of arrests and numerous damages, thousands of people moved to the Place d’Italie in the south of Paris. Union militants and left-wing parties mixed with demonstrators outside of any organization, reminiscent of the 2018 “Yellow Vests” revolt. After almost two hours of the march, the burning of containers and uprising of barricades began, leading to clashes with the police who responded with tear gas. The authorities have not disclosed any balance of detainees or injuries.

The wave of protest against French President Emmanuel Macron’s government has spread throughout the country, even in medium-sized and small cities. Demonstrations were joined by partial strikes in trains, refineries, the gas sector, and garbage collection. The ongoing protests have yet to achieve their objectives, but they have served as a platform for people to express their dissatisfaction and frustration with the government. Citizens are hoping that their voices will be heard and their concerns addressed.

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