Lakewood Church Shooting: Suspect’s Disturbing Behavior


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The main purpose of this article is to criticize the authorities for not taking any action over the last four years in response to reports of strange behavior by a Hispanic woman. Four women from Gulfstream in Conroe, who chose to remain anonymous, recounted how Genesse Ivonne Moreno tormented, insulted, and psychologically abused them. The first neighbor described living through hell for the past four years and making countless reports to the authorities about Moreno, with no response. She also mentioned that Moreno’s house had swastikas and that she pointed a gun at another neighbor. The teacher of Moreno’s son spoke about being harassed by her and how she couldn’t sleep after learning about the tragedy at Lakewood Church. Another neighbor reported that Moreno had a very aggressive dog and used it to intimidate her neighbors, including her grandchildren. The police came several times but always said they couldn’t do anything.

The article also provides tips for avoiding being chased and what to do in case of a shooting. The Houston Police Department recommends planning an escape route, having a code word for family members to call the police, and seeking help from technology experts to avoid harassment on social media. In the event of a shooting, the advice is to run, hide, and fight.

The article also discusses a tragic fire at 218 Heaney, near Tidwell Rd, between I-45 and Hardy Toll Rd, where Giovanna Cabrera, 31, and her 1-year-old son Gabriel lost their lives. During the funeral, family and friends remembered Cabrera’s heroic act of trying to save her children from the fire. The Houston Fire Chief, Samuel Peña, emphasized the importance of having smoke detectors in every room of houses and having an evacuation plan in case of fire. Cabrera managed to rescue two of her children, aged 6 and 9, but lost her life along with her 1-year-old son when she returned to the house for him. Donations are being accepted to rebuild a house for the victim’s children to grow up in.

The Houston Fire Department continues to investigate the cause of the fire and has informed the family that it could take weeks or months. The article provides a unique and comprehensive account of the events, offering valuable information and insights for readers.

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