La Tinka: Wednesday, February 7, 2024 Winning Play and Last Draw Video


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The lottery company recently revealed the results of the ‘Yes or Yes’ and ‘Boliyapa’ draws. Let’s find out if someone won the jackpot.

On the night of Wednesday, February 7, 2024, La Tinka held its highly anticipated draw, attracting the attention of participants and the general public who tuned in to the broadcast on América TV.

La Tinka is known for its draws on Sundays and Wednesdays, creating the expectation of crowning a new winner each time. In this edition, the aim was to deliver a million-dollar jackpot of S/7 million 47 thousand 874. Unfortunately, no player managed to get the combination right, leaving the prize unclaimed.

This has increased the accumulated amount, raising the next win to a considerable figure: S/11’001,671 million soles for the next La Tinka draw, scheduled for Sunday, February 11.

In the last Boliyapa draw, number 40 was selected, but there was no winner of the millionaire jackpot. In the ‘Yes or Yes’ draw, the winning number was 18, and it was announced that there was one lucky person with a prize of S/50,000 in the Lurín district.

To play Tinka, you can choose the combination with a minimum cost of five soles on their website. The next step is to choose six numbers from a list that goes from 1 to 48, which will make up the bet. If you don’t know what to choose, there is the “Random” option and the system will choose them randomly.

If there is an error when choosing the play, you can select the clear button and choose the numbers again. When you have chosen the numbers of the combination, you must click on the button with the legend “Finish your purchase” to confirm it.

To win the La Tinka jackpot, the bet has to match the six numbers in the draw. However, there are rewards for those who only match two or more numbers in the draw. For those who get three to five matches, you can win from five to 50,000 soles; If there are only two, you get a free play or a two-for-one play.

La Tinka is a company lottery and sports betting in Peru that manages the Tinka, Gana Diario, Kábala, Raspaditas, Kinelo lotteries, the fast games Casino, Raspa Ya!, Virtual Sports and the sports bets Te Apuesta and Ganagol. Part of the profits from La Tinka are destined to charitable societies in Huancayo, Jaén, Lima and Arequipa under the supervision of the Ministry of Women and Vulnerable Populations.

It also contributes to the municipalities where these charities operate. La Tinka’s contributions are intended for permanent social protection services aimed at girls, boys, adolescents, women, people with disabilities and older adults who are at risk or vulnerable. Through these programs thousands of people have benefited year after year since 1994.

The largest prize in the history of Tinka has been 20 million soles, won by an Arequipeño in 2019 and the 9 million soles whose lucky winner was a man from Cuzco, in October 2020.

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