La Segura warns of eviction strategies in The House of the Famous


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The Cali influencer, Natalia Segura Mena, will be participating in the upcoming Colombian television show, La Casa de los Celebrities. This new format aims to break paradigms in the national media agenda by gathering 22 celebrities in a permanent residence to be recorded 24/7. The show has been successful in other countries like Argentina and Mexico, but it remains to be seen if it will work locally.

Eleven participants have been confirmed for the first season, including Martha Isabel Bolaños, Diana Ángel, Sebastián Gutiérrez, Julián Trujillo, Miguel Melfi, “La Barbie Costeña”, “La Segura”, Omar Murillo, “José Miel”, “Culotauro”, and Isabella Santiago. Natalia Segura Mena, with over eight million followers on Instagram, is one of the most famous content creators in the country and has attracted attention for her attitudes.

In a recent interview, Natalia spoke about her expectations for the coexistence in the program. She expressed that she feels her coexistence would not be so affected, as long as everyone is organized and takes turns. She also acknowledged that living together 24/7 could lead to clashes and conflicts, but she believes it’s important to remember that it’s a game and to choose which battles to fight.

Natalia admitted that she is very susceptible to situations that may arise against her and that she can react impulsively. However, she also mentioned that she knows when to respond and when to let things go. She expressed excitement about being part of the production and mentioned that her boyfriend, Ignacio Baladán, will be her main ally during the show.

She emphasized that she will miss her family and her boyfriend, with whom she has continuous communication despite the challenges of the show. Natalia’s positive attitude and awareness of the game’s nature will likely help her navigate the challenges of La Casa de los Celebrities.

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