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Kyiv Defends Against Another Russian Drone Attack

Ukrainian capital, Kiev, was attacked by Russian drones in their 12th strike attempt this month. Air alerts sounded for more than three hours in Kiev and other cities such as Kharkiv and Chernivsti. However, the Ukrainian army was prompt and fully repelled the “massive” attack. Sergi Popko, head of the city’s military administration, wrote on Telegram, “The enemy has shown once again that Kiev remains one of its main targets in this war.” The administration also stated that wave attack tactics were used again and all moving air targets were destroyed by their air defense.

The city has suffered from a series of drone attacks this month, with this attack marking the twelfth so far. The drones used in the attack were Shahed-type drones and Ukraine’s air defense quickly destroyed all detected air targets near Kiev. The Ukrainian soldiers are pleased with their response and their successful defense against the Russian attack.

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In addition to Kiev, authorities alerted other cities throughout the night. Kharkiv in the east and Chernivsti in the west also witnessed air alerts for the massive attack. The Ukrainian army continues to remain alert and vigilant against any further attacks that might follow. The country is focused on protecting its citizens and its sovereignty against any potential aggression from Russia.

The conflict between Ukraine and Russia has been ongoing for years now. While there have been intermittent periods of calm, there have also been periods of violence and conflict. The situation remains tense, and both countries are wary of the other’s actions. Ukraine is determined to defend itself and its people and is not willing to back down. The Ukrainian army has proven time and again that it is well trained and well equipped to protect the country’s sovereignty and its people. Given the current climate, it is likely that more attacks will follow, but the Ukrainian army is well prepared to defend its citizens and its country.

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