Kyiv boosts counteroffensive with thousands of new volunteers


Kyiv Is Ready to Fight Back with Thousands of Volunteers

Kyiv has announced that over 28,000 Ukrainian volunteers have already enlisted to be part of the new assault brigades, which Kiev is preparing with a view to a new counteroffensive against the Russian troops occupying its territory. The Ukrainian Ministry of the Interior explained that the people who have enlisted are receiving military training to support the soldiers at the front.

According to Ukrainian Interior Minister, Ihor Klymenko, the units are already practically formed, and the recruitment of volunteers continues so that these units have reserve personnel. The Attack Guard, as the body in which these brigades will be included, is mainly formed by police officers, as well as other professionals from the Ministry of the Interior, who have volunteered to serve in combat missions.

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Kyiv has publicized its recruitment campaign both among the structures of the Ministry of Interior and in the media, as well as the bus shelters and stops of Ukrainian cities. The volunteers have already started preparing and will complete two to four months of training before being deployed to the front, where their presence will serve to reinforce and rest the military fighting there since the full-scale invasion of Ukraine began by Russia.

While the preparation of volunteers and reservists continues, the Ukrainian Army continues to defend the city of Bakhmut in the east of the country. The objective, as has been said, is to buy time to finalize the attack strategy. The Ukrainian government aims to show that they are not going to be defeated easily and will fight back.

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Kyiv hopes that the enlistment of volunteers will protect their country from the Russian invasion and deter further military action from their aggressive neighbor. The government believes that these fully trained volunteers, combined with the Ukrainian army, will be able to successfully counter the Russian occupation of parts of Ukraine.

The world has its eyes on Kyiv and Moscow, as the tension between the two countries continues to grow. So far, diplomatic actions have not managed to deescalate the situation. However, the enlistment of thousands of Ukrainian volunteers could change the balance of power and provoke a radical rethinking of the conflict by the Kremlin.

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