Kremlin Expresses Concern Over Delivery of Heavy Weapons to Ukraine in Europe

Russia Threatens to Worsen Ukraine Conflict over West-Led Weapons Supply Talks

Russian Presidential Spokesman Dmitri Peskov on Thursday (19.1.2023) warned that a proposed Western supply of heavy weaponry to Ukraine would aggravate the existing conflict in the region.

“This means the conflict rises to a new qualitative level, which does not bode well for global and European security,” said Peskov during a news conference.

The warning comes ahead of the ‘Rammstein format’ Contact Group meeting in the region, where arms supplies to the neighboring nation of Ukraine will be discussed. Peskov described these talks as “extremely dangerous”.

Peskov further commented on a statement by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky that questioned if Russian President Vladimir Putin is still alive.

He posited that the Ukrainian regime had yet to accept the reality of not only Putin’s existence but that of the wider Russian nation, and that they continue to hold anti-Russian positions which will eventually have to be given up to allow the region to move forward from the tragedy.

Meanwhile, on the possibility of the use of nuclear weapons, Peskov dismissed a suggestion by former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev as not being a part of Russia’s military doctrine which does not allow for preemptive strikes, but advocates for the use of nuclear arms only when the state is threatened.


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