Klopp’s Departure Leaves a Void in Liverpool


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The Liverpool community is feeling anxious after the announcement of Jurgen Klopp’s departure at the end of the season. Fans in Spain are expressing their feelings, with the ‘OLSC Gijón’ being the official flag of Liverpool in the town. The president of the fans group, Ian McGuinness, reveals how fans are coping with the news and reliving the great moments experienced with Klopp over the years.

For Ian, the reasons for Klopp’s departure are existential, as football has consumed him so much that it seems that he needs to live in a different way. The departure of the German coach leaves a feeling of sadness and emptiness, as he has been the best coach the team has had in the last 20 years. Fans are now left to think about the future and who will be the replacement for Klopp.

In the ‘Bilbao Reds’, an unofficial Liverpool stadium in the Biscayan capital, the chill does not go away. From there, Dave Guerreiro, the soul of the group, expresses himself, revealing his preference for Xabi Alonso as the replacement for Klopp. McGuinness also hopes it’s Xabi Alonso, as he understands the culture of Liverpool and the patience of the fans.

Regarding Klopp’s professional future, Dave Guerreiro thinks that he will spend a year without training and then go to the German national team. McGuinness grants freedom to the coach to do whatever he wants, except coach Manchester United or Everton.

The departure of Klopp has left fans in ‘shock’, but they are hopeful for the future and the legacy he leaves behind. The Liverpool community is coming to terms with the news and looking forward to the next chapter for the team.

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