Kishida Dismisses Secretary Over Homophobic Comments

Kishida Dismisses Secretary Over Homophobic Comments

Kishida Fires Secretary for Homophobic Comments

Japan’s Foreign Minister, Fumio Kishida, has sacked one of his secretaries after it was reported that he had made homophobic comments on his Twitter account.

The staffer, whose identity has not been disclosed, wrote that he felt “uncomfortable” when greeted by two men last week. He also posted messages that criticized same-sex marriage and described homosexuality as “abnormal behavior”.

Kishida released a statement expressing his “deep regrets” about the situation and apologizing to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people for the “inappropriate remarks”.

He said the staff member had violated the terms of his employment contract, which specifically stated that he should not “express comments that may interfere with the smooth functioning of the government”.

Kishida noted that he would not tolerate any form of discrimination and called on his staff to adhere to the principles of “respect for human rights, diversity and equal opportunity”.

The incident drew a swift and sharp rebuke from the public, with many calling for the staffer to be dismissed immediately. The incident has since become a major topic of discussion in Japan and across the world.

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