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Kim Urges Boost in Nuclear Material Production for Weapons

North Korea continues to intimidate the international community with its continued testing of nuclear weapons. Most recently, on March 28, 2023, North Korean tyrant Kim Jong Un called for an increase in the production of “weapon-grade nuclear materials” and powerful weapons. Kim’s call to exponentially increase nuclear production comes ahead of the arrival of a US Navy aircraft carrier in South Korea, demonstrating North Korea’s defiance towards the US and its allies. The regime’s propaganda agency, KCNA, reported that Kim also called for officials to continue producing powerful nuclear weapons, urging them to prepare to use them “anytime, anywhere.”

In addition to increased calls for nuclear production, North Korea has announced another successful test of its nuclear underwater drone. The regime reported the test of its submarine drone with the ability to generate radioactive tsunamis on Tuesday. The test was conducted between March 25 and 27, and North Korea’s propaganda agency confirmed that Kim inspected different models of atomic warheads on Tuesday at the headquarters of the Nuclear Weapons Research Institute in Pyongyang.

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North Korea’s announcement comes just days after the regime reported the existence of their new underwater weapon, which was seen as a response to the South Korea and US’ spring exercises south of the 38th parallel. KCNA refers to the drone, nicknamed “Haeil-1” or “Tsunami-1” in Korean, as a guided torpedo capable of traveling 600 kilometers. Seoul, however, doubts the drone’s capabilities and considers it to be in a very early development phase.

The continued nuclear testing and intimidation from North Korea have raised serious concerns about the regime’s intentions and the global community’s ability to handle the situation. It remains to be seen how the US and its allies will respond to North Korea’s latest provocations.

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