Kim Mulkey’s Message to LSU Team Before Florida Game


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Kim Mulkey, the coach of the LSU Tigers’ NCAA women’s basketball team, has urged her players to step up their defense and stay calm under pressure. The team, led by the talented Angel Reese, has suffered two consecutive losses and is at risk of losing their chance to defend their title.

As they prepare to face Florida, Mulkey has recognized the team’s current mood and is calling on them to regroup before their recent dip in form becomes a prolonged period of low momentum. She emphasized the importance of maintaining composure and making simple passes to improve their defense.

Despite still leading their conference, LSU cannot afford to lose more games with the postseason approaching. Florida poses a significant challenge, as they have a strong scoring record and have won 10 of their 17 games when scoring over 62.8 points. This is the exact amount of points that LSU is averaging against this season.

However, LSU’s offense has been impressive, averaging 89.9 points per game compared to Florida’s 67.87 points. LSU also has a higher field goal percentage at 48.3% compared to 39% for Florida. Despite these statistics, Mulkey is aware that Florida is a formidable opponent and that any drop in performance from LSU could result in a punishing defeat.

In conclusion, LSU must be at their best to get their season back on track and maintain their position at the top of their conference. With the postseason looming, the team cannot afford to lose focus and must work on improving their defense to remain competitive.

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