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Killer Nurse Lucy Letby Blames Raw Sewage for Infant Deaths, Latest Update and Investigation Report

British Neonatal Nurse Claims Raw Sewage May Have Contributed to Infant Deaths

A neonatal nurse in the UK who stands accused of killing seven infants has claimed that raw sewage issues in the Manchester hospital where she worked could have contributed to the deaths. Lucy Letby, 33, stated that the intensive care nursery where at least one of the newborns died was “not a safe working environment.” She described backflow problems and raw sewage coming out of the sinks and on to the floor of the nursery. “That’s not a safe working environment. I’m not sure what impact that could have on a poorly baby,” Letby said in court.

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Nurse Maintains Innocence Despite Allegations of Infant Murder

Letby stands accused of murdering seven babies in the neonatal unit at the Countess of Chester Hospital, as well as attempting to kill ten more between June 2015 and June 2016. She has repeatedly denied her guilt and maintains that she is innocent.

Bereaved Mother Claims Nurse Tried to Kill Her Son

The mother of one of the deceased babies testified that she had caught Letby allegedly trying to kill her child the night before he died. The mother stated that she had entered the infant’s room to bring him breast milk when she found the nurse standing over his incubator, with blood around his mouth and hearing his “horrendous” screams. The nurse had allegedly told her that a nasogastric tube was inserted which caused the boy to bleed, but Letby denied this account.

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Nurse Accused of Obsessive Behavior and Attempted Murder

In addition to the alleged infant murder, prosecutors have also accused Letby of being “obsessed” with the mother of the twins, as she searched Facebook for the bereaved mom nine times after their deaths and photographed a card from the parents. The nurse also allegedly attempted to kill the surviving twin by lacing his feeding bag with insulin 24 hours later.

Ex-Nurse Traumatized by Arrest and Accusations

Earlier this month, Letby stated that her arrest had “traumatized her” and that she was “devastated” by the accusations against her. “It was sickening. I just couldn’t believe it,” she said. The trial is ongoing, with Letby maintaining her innocence.

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