Kiko Rivera diagnosed with knee osteonecrosis: “I can be fixed”


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Kiko Rivera had to cancel a performance in A Coruña last week due to severe knee pain. He shared with his followers on social media that he was waiting for confirmation from doctors, but it seemed likely that he would need surgery before he could get back to work. It turns out that he has osteonecrosis, also known as avascular necrosis, which is a condition that causes bone tissue to die due to lack of blood flow.

Fortunately, Kiko won’t need surgery as his osteonecrosis can be treated with rest and painkillers. This is just the latest health issue for him, as he had a stroke in October 2022, but made significant lifestyle changes to improve his health. He also had renal colic at the beginning of 2023 and underwent a heart catheterization in July.

Despite these challenges, Kiko remains focused on his children’s happiness and recently celebrated his daughter Carlota’s birthday. He remains optimistic and determined to overcome this latest setback.

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