Kesha Shares How She Confused Intense Anxiety with a Psychotic Break


Kesha Gets Candid About How Spirituality Helped Heal Her Anxiety

Kesha has revealed that turning to spirituality helped her deal with her extreme anxiety. The “Tik Tok” singer opened up about how her anxiety got so bad that she thought she was going through a “psychotic break.” Speaking to Apple Music’s Zane Lowe, Kesha explained how she went through a “crazy psychedelic spiritual experience” in the midst of the anxiety. She wrote about the feelings in her new album “Gag Order.”

Leaning Into Emotions To Find Peace

Despite the negative experience, Kesha revealed that she found peace through spirituality. She started “leaning into” those emotions and decided to address the problem head-on. “I’m a triple Pisces, I love weird, unexplainable, spiritual, supernatural stuff,” she explained.

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Kesha’s Love For The Supernatural And Paranormal

Kesha is well known for her love for the supernatural and paranormal. She even hosts a podcast called “Kesha and the Creepies.” The singer feels a “cosmic connection between her soul and something bigger” when making music. She channeled these feelings into a song on her new album called “Happy,” where she opened up about her desire to finally feel free.

Documenting The Journey To Growth

Kesha admitted that dealing with her anxiety was uncomfortable, but it helped her grow into a woman, and that journey is documented in her album. “I have to deal with some s–t and I just need to walk through it, and it’s going to be really uncomfortable. And I feel like it’s really helped me grow into a woman, and you know, you hear it all on the album,” she said.

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If you want to know more about Kesha’s mental health struggles and her latest album, do check out “Gag Order.”


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