Kento Yamazaki’s Remarkable Transformation for Netflix’s Alice in Borderland

Kento Yamazaki dazzles with a totally different look from Alice In Borderland in his 2023 calendar

Alice In Borderland, the super successful Netflix series, already has two very exciting seasons, with its protagonist, Kento Yamazaki at the lead. However, far from the dark universe of apocalyptic Tokyo and full of deadly traps, Yamazaki has shown a new facet never seen before, much different from his character in the series.

On his account on the Instagram social network, which already has 5.8 million followers, the Asian actor recently published a video in which he is seen posing for his personal 2023 calendar and the change is radical: clean hair and skin, fashionable clothes and a calm expression that has nothing to do with the horror experienced by Alice in the series.

The 28 year old actor offered a glance of his cool, refreshed complexion and showcased his effortless style statement, much different than Arisu’s, while followers eagerly wait the third season.

Kento Yamazaki’s fans can’t wait to see the eight episodes that will complete the series and to catch a glimpse of Arisu in the dark, dreaded Tokyo. However, Kento Yamazaki’s environment on his social media is far from the Alice In Borderland. It is inspiring to see this star change his style for a different journey and make a statement with each of his appearance.

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