Kenan Thompson credits Whoopi Goldberg’s daughter for helping him land ‘SNL’ on ‘The View’


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Kenan Thompson made a surprise appearance on The View and shared a heartwarming story about Whoopi Goldberg’s daughter, Alex Martin, and how she helped him land his role on Saturday Night Live 20 years ago. Thompson, the longest-running cast member on SNL, was promoting his new book and Good Burger 2 on Paramount+ when he reflected on his nerve-wracking audition process.

Thompson revealed that he was introduced to Martin by friends and they spent a lot of time together. When he got the call to audition for SNL, he happened to be at Martin’s house and was feeling nervous. Martin encouraged him, telling him to go book the audition, which gave him the confidence to pursue the opportunity.

Thompson joined SNL in 2003 and gave a shoutout to Martin for her pep talk. Goldberg was surprised to hear the story and proudly acknowledged her daughter’s role in Thompson’s success. The hosts of The View also praised Martin, with Sunny Hostin sharing her own positive experiences with her.

The View airs on weekdays at 11/10c on ABC. Thompson’s appearance and heartwarming story added a special touch to the show, leaving the audience with a heartwarming and inspiring moment.

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