Ken Salazar declines involvement in Mexican elections at request of Morena senator


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The ambassador of the United States (USA) in Mexico, Ken Salazar, recently had a meeting in the Senate of the Republic where he rejected intervention in the next electoral process. This came after a request for help from a legislator of the National Regeneration Movement (Morena) to prevent the escalation of right-wing groups in the country.

During his response at the Commission meeting of Labor and Social Welfare of the Senate of the Republic, the diplomat stated that neither the government he represents nor he as a person will get involved in a matter that is exclusive to the nation. He emphasized that dialogue is a door that will always be open between both nations, because it is the strength of the relationship that has been established between the United States and Mexico.

“Dialogue is always important. As the ambassador of the United States, I do not get involved in Mexican politics. I am not going to vote in this election, but it is very important that we have dialogue and a strong relationship, as we have had,” he expressed on Thursday, February 8.

The US ambassador also recalled the good relationship that both countries have had and indicated that when problems arise, his role as ambassador is to speak with both leaders and try to reach an agreement, as have done since he took office three years ago.

“When problems arise, can I talk to President Biden and talk to President L√≥pez Obrador, I am going to make them discuss, which is what we have to do on any issue, that dialogue is important,” he continued.

In the same vein, the American politician asked that it not be allowed to break the relationship between the two nations: “So, looking forward, seeing where the United States-Mexico relationship is going, it is very important that the policy that sometimes wants to divide us as two nations, that we do not let it succeed.”

The ambassador’s stance emphasizes the importance of maintaining a strong relationship between the United States and Mexico, and the need for open dialogue to address any issues that may arise. This commitment to diplomacy and cooperation between the two nations is crucial for the continued success and prosperity of both countries.

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